Sunday Announcements 


Welcome! - Welcome! We’re so glad you are here with us today. If you are new to The Rock CC, we hope you got a welcome bag, if you did not receive one, we will be sure to give you one on your way out. If you would, please take a moment to fill out the connection card in the bag or seat back pocket of the chair in front of you. This allows us to get to know you, and find our if there are any needs we can help you with. Please place your connection card in the tithe box located in the back of the sanctuary. We hope you enjoy your time with us today

Worship 101

Worship 101- For those interested in serving on the worship team here at The Rock we will be hosting a Worship 101 class on Friday March 1st at 6:30 in the conference room. In this class we will cover topics such as 1. What is Worship? 2. Why we do it? 3. Why we do it the way we do it. These questions will be answered along with many others. This class is a prerequisite to serving on the team so plan on coming to this important class. Signup is available on the website and app

Beyond Sunday

Beyond Sunday- We are beginning a new church wide campaign called “Beyond Sunday”. The goal of this campaign is to have everyone that calls The Rock CC their church to be involved in something beyond just coming to church on Sunday’s. This will help you become more connected in christian fellowship, and allow you to walk out your faith in community. Opportunities to go beyond Sunday include 1. Serving 2. Home Groups 3. Midweek service (Thursday’s 6:30p), 4. Pillars class 5. Small group bible study (Legends, ladies, Men’s) 6. Prayer nights. If you are not currently involved in anything in the church beyond Sunday, I encourage you to go to our website and click the “beyond Sunday” tab and sign up for one of these areas.


We are bringing back the food! Beginning Thursday night on Feb 22nd (two weeks) we will begin having dinner at 5:30p and service at 6:30p. When its nice we will be right out on the patio. When the weather is not so nice we will be in the Cafe. The way this works is we will always have burgers and hotdogs ready, and anyone is welcome to bring their own dish to share if they would like to. Food is totally free, but there will be a donation bucket out there as anything would help to offset the costs. We are so looking forward to this again. Come early and hungry 2 weeks from today at 5:30p

Mexico Mission trip info meeting

If you have signed up for the Mexico mission trip on May 15th thru the 21st or you are interested in going but have not signed up yet, there will be an info meeting on Sunday February 25th after 2nd service in the conference room. At this meeting we will discuss the trip, as well as answer any questions you may have. Again, the meeting will take place immediately following 2nd service on Sunday, February 25th in the conference room.