Church planting

Living Springs Calvary Chapel 

In April of 2021, God began to call Kyle and Katie Vaillancourt to move from Bradenton to the North Port area and begin a church plant.
Before starting the work, God led them to visit the Rock Calvary Chapel. It was here that Katie and Kyle met Pastor Aaron Smith. Little did they know that the Rock was one of 52 church plants stemming from a major church planting revival out of Calvary Rosarito in Mexico. It was here that Pastor Aaron invited Kyle and Katie to train as church planters in their School of Ministry, and eventually for Kyle to join the pastoral staff.
The time of serving at the Rock is when God made His will clear to Kyle. The Lord’s desire is to establish a place in North Port where His Word would be faithfully taught and many could come to receive hope. God was calling them to spend their life transforming North Port for Jesus.
In July of 2023, Katie and Kyle began hosting Saturday night home Bible studies. God continued to amaze as He answered Katie and Kyle’s prayers to send laborers in the harvest. During this time the Lord called and assembled a dream team to partner in what God was doing.
By September, the Lord had answered another prayer and provided a place for the new church to meet. Around the same time that Katie and Kyle moved to the area, another ministry from Bradenton had just began meeting on Thursdays less than two minutes away from the Vaillancourt house. For a year, they were praying for a church plant to use their space on Sundays and Kyle and Katie were praying for a space to meet.
The launch date was set for January 14th of 2024 and the rest is history!

Our Vision:

Our goal and our vision is to identify and train up prospective church planters to be sent out and do the work of the ministry as outlined in
Matthew 28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations".
We believe the best way of accomplishing this mission is by planting churches.

This conference is specifically designed for three groups of people:

- Those interested or seeking to plant churches in their communities and beyond.            
- Those interested or seeking to become church planters themselves.  
                                                                                                                   - Those interested or seeking to come alongside and support church planting.                                                                                                                                                                          

You will learn how to identify and train up those who are interested in planting from within your congregation and send them out.  
You will have an opportunity to speak with others who have planted churches, as well as receive vital information about how to plant a church.  
Every church planter needs support!  You will learn how to best support those who are going out to plant new and healthy churches!